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it is as it is perceived

Home from Home | Contemporary Applied Arts, UK
International artists working in Britain

CAA is delighted to host Home from Home an ambitious exhibition project which explores the ways in which creativity and making are interwoven with identity and a sense of belonging in the lives of 25 contemporary artist whose cultural inheritance originates outside England and who have come to live and work in the UK (post-childhood). These artists hail from across the globe and come from a variety of religious, ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Yet they have shared a common experience: that of entering British society and working to make a place for themselves in a foreign culture.

Exhibiting artist Kochevet Bendavid, Svend Bayer, Charles Bound, Carina Ciscato, Karen Downing, Delfina Emmanuel, Ferri Farahmandi, Edith Garcia, Ashraf Hanna, Regina Heinz, Akiko Hirai, Bonnie Kemske, Jin Eui Kim, Gabriele Koch, Agalis Manessi, Marcio Mattos, Valeria Nascimento, Magdalene Odundo, Jitka Palmer, Merete Rasmussen,
Aneta Regel, Laurance Simon, Zahed Taj-Eddin, Yo Thom and Takeshi Yasuda.