An inside look into 40 international artists and their approach to working with the human figure and clay.

Representation of the human form through artistic expression has always existed in clay form, and it continues to evolve today. From exploring the whole figure, through fragmentation to the use of the body as a means to create, artists today are working with clay and the human form in very unconventional ways across the globe. Contemporary artists have learned to play with the possibilities of materials and form more so than ever before, with digital technologies enabling and enhancing the creative process. 

This publication features works by key ceramic artists that work within the realm of the human form, showcasing and discussing individual artists with practices within the field of installation and sculpture as well as those incorporating new technologies. The artists are divided by themes, with each chapter giving a short introduction, and then going on to display the work and ideas of each, showing the large variety of work being made today. A chapter is also included on making methods, giving making sequences of the more innovative and challenging methods used by some of these artists. 

Co-published with A&C Black




Edited by D-Fuse

A major change has taken place at dance clubs worldwide: the advent of the VJ. Once the term denoted the presenter who introduced music videos on MTV, but now it defines an artist who creates and mixes video, live and in sync to music, whether at dance clubs and raves or art galleries and festivals. This book is an in-depth look at the artists at the forefront of this dynamic audio-visual experience.

Crucially, it combines how-to, showcase and reference elements. It opens with a series of articles on contextual and historical issues. The central section showcases the work of over 120 international VJs and the last chapter covers equipment (hardware and software) and typical stage set-ups (explaining installing equipment, utilizing space, creating an environment to suit an audience, etc..), along with supplementary guidelines and tips on how to make a performance.